Bradbury Community Minibus Drivers rules

Download Bradbury Community Bus drivers rules PDF


Seat belts

The driver and front seat passengers are required by law to wear seat belts. It is our policy that all passengers wear the safety belts provided (unless they hold a medical exemption certificate).
No smoking
Smoking is not allowed in any vehicle.
No eating or drinking of Alcohol
It is our policy that no food should be consumed on the bus, alcohol is strictly prohibited
Any group who are found to have consumed alcohol on the bus will be disqualified from hiring the bus in future.


The lift is only to be used by trained operators and the Bradbury Centre should be told in advance of a hire if the lift is to be used. The lift is used at your own risk.

Vehicle security

When a minibus is parked and left unattended, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that all doors and windows are closed and locked. A vehicle parked overnight away from base must be legally parked where it will not inconvenience the public or other road users.

Driving offences

Drivers are required to notify us immediately if they are convicted of any offence resulting in penalty points being added to their driving license.

Before the start of a hire

Vehicle check

You should walk round the vehicle checking the bodywork, tyre condition and operation of lights, horn and windscreen wipers. Any item that appears in need of attention should be noted on the log sheet, and reported immediately to us – do not drive the vehicle until defects have been rectified. If there are no defects, you should enter “Nil” on the log sheet. Read and sign the declaration on the
log sheet.
Enter the start mileage on the log sheet. If you forget to fill in the mileage correctly, we may have to estimate it, and the hirer may end up paying more than they should.
At the end of a hire
* Park the minibus in the designated parking place.
* Engage the handbrake.
* Check all switches are left in the “off” position.
* Check all vehicle windows, doors and roof vents are properly closed and locked.
* Remove any litter from the vehicle. And make sure it is clean.
* Check the vehicle for any lost property.


Enter the finish mileage, the number of passengers carried, and any other relevant information on the logsheet (e.g. if the passenger lift was used, and if fuel was purchased).
Walk round the vehicle and check the external condition, noting any damage on the logsheet. All damage, even of a minor nature (e.g. breaking a mirror), must be reported to us as soon as possible.
Return the logsheet and keys to the office, along with any receipts for fuel and oil, purchased for our vehicle during your hire.

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